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Tell Bus Riders Their Route is Changing!

SacTRU continues to receive comments and complaints from bus riders who are just discovering changes coming to their bus routes as a result of SacRT’s ongoing bus route optimization project. SacTRU members believe this is a result of not having adequate notice on impacted bus routes and bus stops. In the proposal released on Monday, 18 routes were proposed for partial or complete elimination. Although staff have been riding bus routes to pass out information, none of our members have seen obvious signage that would make riders aware that changes are coming. SacTRU members suggest better signage that matches the current route optimization campaign, uses bright colors to catch people’s attention, and is posted in multiple languages.

Below is an example of what riders on Route 30 see during their ride and a suggestion for better rider awareness:

We support staff’s continued commitment to community engagement with the current proposal but think that direct communication and engagement with active riders is being underutilized. We urge the board to not rush any decisions based on artificial deadlines, allowing adequate time for the project to continue to develop, providing riders with adequate notice, and creating the best comprehensive plan for the modernization of our system.

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