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What to do if you get overcharged on your connect card?

Last Saturday, SacTRU members went out on a bus and light rail ride to test out our Connect Cards. The Connect Card, a project started in 2013, is RT's latest fare upgrade. Although it can be a little complicated to get a card (online or at one of their sales outlets), and all the information is in English only, it does have some built in features like 90 minute free transfers, easy tap on, and being able to use it on multiple transit agencies, that make it a handy upgrade.

When we were out we had a problem with our card that we thought might help other users to share: we were overcharged during the 90 minute transfer period! What we thought would be an easy 10 minute ride for $2.75 turned into a ridiculous $7 ride! Might as well take a car for those prices! Luckily there's a happy ending to this story.

Our first trip was on a bus. Tapped on, no problems.

We took the bus to the light rail to transfer 10 minutes later. We walked up to the first tap on machine and it had a damaged screen!

Looking around I didn't see another machine so I crossed my fingers and just tried to tap on (fines for Fare Evasion can go up to $250! I don't know about you but I can't pay that penalty for a $2.75 ticket.). The machine beeped at me but I walked around a pole and saw another machine and tapped it too, just to be sure.

It beeped and I knew I was good to go. I got home later and wanted to check my balance only to discover that although I'd taped on my transfer only 10 minutes after my first ride I was charged a whole daily fare!!

I did what any transit rider with too much time on their hands and not enough cash does, I looked into getting a refund.

The Card has a customer service number on it, which I called, only to find out they aren't open on weekends. What could I do in the meantime?

I checked out their website and found an online form to fill out.

I typed a simple message:

Hello Connect Card Team,

My card was overcharged $7 when I attempted to tap on to transfer within the 90 minute time period. Please refund the $7 to my account.


And then waited... Monday morning I received an email letting me know they'd refunded my account.

Thank you for contacting Regional Transit. We have refunded $7 back to your account. If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us via email or at the number listed below. Sincerely,


We'll keep you posted with any other helpful tips we come across.

Have your own transit story you want to share? Email us at

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