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SACOG Unmet Transit Needs

SACOG is taking public comment on Unmet Transit Needs now until January 17:

Write them to let them know how you want your tax dollar spent to improve public transit.

Be Specific in your emails:

  • What routes are you talking about?

  • What would make it better?

  • Where are you going on the route? (work, school, doctor, etc.)

Get your friends and fellow transit riders to send emails! SACOG will only consider suggestions they get from multiple sources.

Reasonable to Meet Standard

In order for SACOG to consider your suggestion, it must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Community Interest - Multiple Comments

  2. Equity - The proposed new or additional service will benefit the general public euitably

  3. Potential Ridership - will not reduce the agency’s ability to maintain the current transit service,

  4. Cost Effectiveness - will not affect the ability of the overall system to meet the state mandated farebox recovery ratio requirement after the two-year exemption period for new services

  5. Funding - will not cause the claimant to incur expenses in excess of the maximum allocation of TDA LTF funds.

  6. Feasibility - The proposed new or additional transit service can be implemented safely and in accordance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

We will be posting our letter to SACOG shortly. Stay tuned!

The California State Transportation Development Act (TDA) requires the Unmet Transit Needs Process be conducted annually by Regional Transportation Planning Agencies.

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