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No More Transit Last Planning

Recently, Mayor Steinberg gave a speech on his goals of achieving inclusive economic growth in our region. He proposed to do this by extending a half cent tax Measure U to a permanent full cent tax measure. SacTRU members were disappointed that investing in public transportation never once came up or was mentioned in his speech.

SacTRU is tired of our city's and region's policy of transit last planning. We demand that the members of the RT Board advocate for transit in every act, speech, interview, tax increase, and ballot measure. Access to transit can help open new doors to success and connect residence to essential resources and the new housing and jobs that mayor Steinberg is looking to bring to our region.

Public transit should be a part of every upcoming discussion you have about the measure. Public transit is a way to provide communities with access to jobs housing and other resources they need to succeed. It is an essential resource that should be funded and developed and improved with this Measure. We urge to members of the board to make sure public transit is included as a priority in the new measure and in every future discussion about economic growth and development.

SacRT to staff is looking at a variety of ways to improve public transit. They are securing grants to help start projects, rethinking how we provide service, and reaching out to members of the public. But we need the support of our elected officials. Mayor Steinberg doesn’t come to our meetings. We need the RT Board Members to make sure he and his constituents know transportation is also an essential factor in addressing the mayors policy issues of income inequality and creating inclusive economic growth and access to jobs and housing. Improving public transit should be part of every solution the city works on.

No more transit last planning and transit last funding. We can help keep people from being left behind by giving them a ride to where they need to go.

Full Sacramento Bee article here.

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