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Special Presentation: Broadway Complete Streets

Following the sudden and unannounced removal of bus stops along J Street as part of the City's Complete Streets initiative, SacTRU invited representatives from the projects and SacRT to attend our upcoming membership meeting on Saturday, October 13 from 1-3pm.

Several of our SacTRU members attended the public workshop on July 18th and are very concerned that something similar may happen on the Broadway project. Specifically, riders are concerned about the impact the changes that might impact the 51 bus route, which is the busiest bus route in the SacRT system and runs up an down Broadway.

We will be joined by the two Broadway projects underway: Megan Johnson, project manager for the “Complete Street” project between 3rd Street and Franklin Blvd, and Leslie Mancebo, project manager for the “Envision Broadway” planning study from Franklin Blvd to Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.

Both efforts will be working closely with Regional Transit. RT has been very clear on the importance of Route 51 to their users, and the projects have a shared vision of Broadway being a bicycle-, pedestrian- and transit-friendly corridor. City officials heard from RT that the changes on J Street caught transit users by surprise, and we will be working together to make sure that the transit components to this project are better communicated with the users.

Removed bus stops on J Street:

J/21st and J/23rd are closed or closing and we are supposed to get a new stop at J/22nd, so in essence, those two stops are supposed to be combined into one.

J/28th just west of the Arco has station and J/30th under the freeway are also closed or closing. We are keeping J/27th by Harlow’s and J/Alhambra.

Average daily on/offs by stop:

#1719 - J/21st = 45 on, 38 off (closed)

<new> - J/22nd = TBD (new stop)

#1720 - J/23rd = 10 on, 17 off (closed)

#1722 - J/27th = 7 on, 18 off (still open)

#1723 - J/28th = 22 on, 48 off (closed)

#1724 - J/30th = 10 on, 35 off (closed)

#1725 - J/Alhambra = 41 on, 62 off (still open)

This is based on automatic passenger counter data from Q1 2018.

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