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SacTRU would like to thank everyone who participated in our Transit Challenge over the last week. We had a great time watching the participants post on social media and engage with riders and members of the public. It was great seeing people react with so much enthusiasm and support to images of people using and talking about public transit. The photos spurred additional discussion of issues SacRT has been working on such as changes to the Watt/I-80 station, improving accessibility, the cleanliness and safty on our system, how to use the Alert SacRT App, and the best way to take 20 selfies of yourself.

We also hope the challenge highlighted for SacRT Board Members that riders in our region face many obstacles to using our public transit system. We know that the Board understands how the system is underserving various communities and truly appreciate their work with the agency. Hopefully this was an opportunity to highlight that increased service is needed to connect your constituents to other communities via public transportation. We will continue to advocate for more bus service in underserved neighborhoods throughout the route optimization process and through the budget process so that resources for improving bus service are made a funding priority. SacTRU looks forward to working with the members of the Board and SacRT staff in the future to improve public transit access for all riders in our region.

And now the moment that everyone has been waiting for, our winners!!! We gave certificates of participation for Supervisor Serna, Councilmember Schenirer and General Manager/CEO Henry Li. We awarded Candidate Shaun Dillon and Supervisor Patrick Kennedy with trophies to commemorate the experience. We had a special award for Supervisor Kennedy, a a selfie stick for next year.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful time!

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