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No on PROP 6

Join us this Saturday for a day of action to get out the vote on NO on Prop 6 by riding public transit and letting other riders know how important SB 1 funding is to SacRT improvements! Saturday, October 27 1714 Broadway 1-3pm

Losing SB 1 funding would be a loss of $85 million for SacRT projects and will impact a lot of great improvements they are working on. Join us to help give transit riders information about how this could impact the system. Loss of these funds would impact: -15 minute service on the Gold Line - Replacing our aging vehicles - Improving light rail stations - Future system enhancements - Reducing congestion and pollution in our community Saturday afternoon we will meet from 1-1:30pm at the OS office to go over talking points, snacks will be provided, then hop in the 51 bus or light rail so we can chat with other riders. Passes and tickets will be provided for volunteers. It'll be a fund day of action! See you there!

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